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Syndication Systems that Scale Partner Add-On Registration – DELETE

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*** Only ONE Partner Add-On Bundle per Primary Individual Bundle Registration ***
To register for an INDIVIDUAL, click here.
To register for an INDIVIDUAL BUNDLE, click here.

So here’s the deal … PLEASE pay attention so we can do this right. There’s only ONE add-on partner bundle deal per primary bundle registration.  So either you’re the primary and you’re registering your ONE partner … or YOU are the ONLY partner adding on to someone else’s (the PRIMARY) registration.  Make sense?

Because our computer can’t read minds … we need YOU to identify the PRIMARY you’re adding on to. It’s EASY!  Simply provide the PRIMARY’s email address in the form field.

Now here’s a little secret … our computer is very trusting.  You could cheat, and register more than one person at this super low rate.  Our computer will happily take the order.  BUT … our registration team would NOT be happy … because that’s not the deal. So PLEASE … only ONE add-on partner.

Yes, we realize you might have multiple partners.  But what you do in your personal life is none of our business.  😉  For purposes of this incredible deal … it’s ONE add-on partner bundle per primary bundle registration.  THANKS for your cooperation. Now … let’s get this registration party started!


A couple of quick notes …

Seminar venue and hotel details will be provided after your registration. Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until after we’ve confirmed your registration.

*** This page is only for adding ONE partner bundle to an already processed primary individual bundle registration ***

If your Primary isn’t registered yet … click here to register as a TWO person partnership or click here to register as a TWO person partnership bundle (same great rate!) …
or if you’re attending alone, click here to register individually
or click here to register for an individual bundle.


If your Primary Bundle is already registered, then …


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