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About Us

Our goal is to be an extension of you.

Efficiently perform day-to-day operations.

It’s for the lives you’re meant to impact.

WHO We Are

Our goal is to be an extension of you!  Think of us as your co-pilot.

Carrying the torch for your company is a valiant endeavor and you deserve support.  We thrive in making the lives of mission-driven leaders easier by helping visionaries scale operations.

The number one reason businesses struggle is people … finding and keeping good people.  And the second is money management … keeping enough cash on hand.

And you know what eats the most cash in a business?! People, especially the wrong people.

So, getting the right people is huge!  And people perform best when they know what’s expected of them.

This is why creating a strong culture with clear processes and procedures is crucial to scaling your business.  And this is exactly what we help you do.

We love locking arms with leaders who share our values of …

  • Character and competency
  • Trust, transparency, and accountability
  • Open and honest communication
  • An unwavering commitment to growth
  • A high-level of personal responsibility and extreme ownership
  • And ultimately a sense of urgency to get things done

At the end of the day, people and businesses transform when taking action … we help you keep pushing forward and getting better each step of the way.

Imagine having an emotional support animal for your business, but more like a pack of Dobermans!  Faithful co-pilots, persistent hustlers, and always eager to help … with a side of therapy of course. 🙂

Starting and scaling a business will stretch you personally and professionally … we’re here to support you each step of the way.

Lesson: You can’t build a strong company with a weak culture and poor processes.

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In the early days of Organize to Scale™ – before it had a name – we’d come into a business and things would go something like this …

First, we’d get on the Same-Page with the Founder of the company … what’s their Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.  And what are their biggest pain points.

Second, we’d gather insights on the current operations … what’s working and what’s not.

Third, we’d tighten things up!  Creating processes and procedures, reporting and metrics for success, putting people in the right seats, hiring and training new folks, setting up project management tools, scheduling daily to-do’s and getting things humming.

Lastly, we’d hand the reins of the day-to-day operations back to the Founder.

And then a few months later, we’d get a call to come back because things had unraveled and it was back to operational chaos.

We were perplexed because we had handed them a manual for exactly how to run their day-to-day operations.  What happened?!

Through this experience and endless conversations with many Founders, we learned the missing piece …

It’s nearly impossible to sit in the Visionary seat AND the Operator seat at the same time.  This is why Steve Jobs had Steve Wosniak and Walt Disney had his brother Roy and Bill Gates had Paul Allen and the list goes on.

So, we adjusted to the demand and now support leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with running their day-to-day operations.

This is vital to the success of your company because the team needs the Visionary sitting at the head of their ship and not sweating it out in the engine room.

Lesson: Unless you’re smarter and more capable than Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Walt Disney … find yourself an Operator to run your day-to-day operations so you can sit solely in the Visionary seat.

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WHY We Do It

Because the world needs you.

This isn’t some cumbaya-crap line … you’re reading this on your electronic device because someone had an audacious idea to create a more connected world.  And you’re thankful everyday for it! some might call us addicted 😉

But every painful, gut-wrenching problem and even the superficial ones were solved by an idea that was successfully executed on.

Being able to successfully execute on a big idea is key.  And to continue executing when you face real-world challenges that knock you down … that’s super-human.

This is close to the heart for me, Staci …

My father is a Visionary … a mission-driven leader.  Every waking hour is spent on his purpose to defund Wall Street casinos.

And this isn’t tireless work for him … it energizes him – he loves it!

He was the Visionary and Operator for the business … which, as you know, is a heavy lift and not scalable.  It’s not easy to be the strategic driver, brand personality, sales-person and tactical implementer of a dynamic, growing business – but he was doing it.

Then the biggest blow our family has ever endured happened … his wife, my mother, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

Now, not only were his business partners, teammates, employees, and customers counting on him for their income and services … his wife desperately needed him.

This catastrophic event forced an operational reset … and pushed him into the Visionary seat and allowed for a strong Operator from Organize to Scale™ to run the day-to-day operations for him.

My mother was grateful to have her husband by her side during the scariest time of her life.

Nobody knows what curve balls will fly our way.  But if you’re reading this far, you know it’s possible and you’re desiring to be prepared.

So, don’t wait for a catastrophic event to force your hand.  And certainly don’t wait to bring your idea to the world because the world needs you now.

And so that’s why we do what we do … it’s for the Visionary who could impact more lives with the right Operator … it’s for the families supporting these Visionaries who want more time with their loved one … it’s for the end-user who desperately needs what you have to offer …

Thank you for using your ideas, influence and intellect to help people on a human level.

We’re here to help visionaries scale operations and build a successful business without losing any sanity, compromising any values, sacrificing any relationships, or drowning in operational chaos.

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Every idea starts with a problem.

Ours is simple … people are losing sleep because they don’t have what you offer.

And you’re frustrated because you can’t get it to them fast enough … you run out of daylight before your to-do list is done!

After nearly two decades of helping mission-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners bring their BIG IDEAS to the market … the struggles are the same …

You’re saying, I …

  • Can’t execute fast enough
  • Feel behind the eight-ball
  • Bogged down by the details
  • Struggling to find good people
  • Wearing too many hats
  • Running out of cash
  • And the technology is torturing me

And the real-world struggles don’t end! It’s like April Fool’s Day everyday …

You thought that deal would close! – just kidding

You thought that was a good hire!jokes on you hehe

This email is going to generate some fast cash! – mwuahhhaha, CRM fails

We hit our Profit Margin goal – woohoo!! – nope, we counted wrong

Finally a vacation with my family! – Nah, employee sick day – it’s all you

How are you ever supposed to help people and solve real-world problems if you can’t get anything done without the world falling apart?!

We hear you … and this is exactly why Organize to Scale™ was created.

We’re committed to helping mission-driven leaders build businesses they own that don’t own them.  We help visionaries scale operations and get you way more results with way less headaches.

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