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Join our Incredible Team

Hi there!

We’re continually looking to add fabulous new people to our team.

We’re a dynamic, fast-paced, high-energy team with the most AMAZING customers.  Yes, we’re biased, but it’s true! 😉

We’re passionate about helping active and aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, content creators and real estate syndicators navigate the challenges of organizing and scaling a successful business. 

Our super-power is our culture!  

We put a strong emphasis on creating a high-trust environment where each team member can learn, grow, and contribute at a high-level.  

Having the utmost confidence in our leaders and teammates allows us to consistently deliver top-notch results to our internal and external customers.  And of course, have a ton of fun doing it too! 

The Organize To Scale™ Team is what every entrepreneur secretly dreams about having … we’re the team they want in their corner when their vision is on the line.  We show up, work hard, and persistently execute.  Learn more about our mission here >> 

We’re not clock-punchers, paper pushers, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for someone to tell us what to do next type of team.  

We’re innovative, resourceful, dynamic, proactive, servant-minded, persistent, and always driving hard towards our deadlines so we can take a bubble bath with a bottle of wine knowing we impacted lives today! 

If this sounds like you’d click with us … read on …

Our Offerings Include

The below are projects, tasks, and services we offer our clients.

Calendar Management

Email Management

Website Management

Website Design

Website Development

InfusionSoft Management

CRM Management

Webinar Management

Event Management

Event Planning



Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Posting

Social Media Engagement

Content Creation

Graphic Design


Google Analytics

Keyword Research

Customer Service

Marketing Coordination

Podcast Production

Video and Audio Production

Sales Funnels



Client Appreciation Gifts

Online Research

Project Management

Meeting Minutes

Presentation Preparation

Data Entry

Document Management

We operate using InfusionSoft, Salesforce, WordPress, G Suite, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, OneDrive, AWS, Zoom Webinar, Skype, Slack, Asana, Trello, LastPass, Apple Products, Microsoft Products, Adobe Products, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Canva, and many more!

Our Values.

We believe a strong team is built from strong culture.

High-Trust Environment

Relationships for Life

Extreme Ownership

Outrageous Sense of Urgency

Growth is Life

6 C’s – Character, Commitment, Competency, Consistency, Capacity, Compatibility

Whole-Hearted Living

Staci career opportunities

Getting Started.

All positions start small and grow from there. This is a 1099 contract role and each team member is required to sign a subcontractor agreement to begin work.

Work From Anywhere.

Working from your home office, kitchen or the beach somewhere - that’s up to you. You must have a strong internet connection, reliable computer and mobile phone, web camera and headphones.

How to Join Our Team.

To set you up for success, it’s important we make sure working with us is a match.

1 Tell Us Who You Are

Apply to join our team by telling us a little about yourself, your experience, and how you best get tasks done.

2 Let’s Talk

After reviewing your application, we’ll schedule an initial two-way interview to determine if it’s a match. We’ll ask you some questions and you can ask us as well.

3 Perform Sample Tasks

Based on our conversation, we’ll send you a few sample tasks to complete to make sure your raw skills are a good fit for our current needs.

4 Getting Started

If it’s a match, we’ll begin the virtual on-boarding process which includes selecting a start date, filling out the paperwork, completing the initial training sessions, and receiving your first assignments. Yay!

Open Positions.

Marketing Director

The successful Marketing Director leads and drives the marketing team in creating and optimizing marketing strategies for internal and external partners. Oversee and approve marketing plans while measuring success and overall effectiveness. Dial into each brand’s voice and style in order to achieve successful and effective marketing awareness.

Technical Coordinator

The successful Technical Coordinator will be implementing, maintaining, and supporting various technical tasks and applications for both internal and external clients. The Technical Coordinator will be responsible for managing a queue of assignments and issues to be worked and resolved quickly and effectively. Additional technical responsibilities include but are not limited to infrastructure setup and maintenance, marketing automation, email marketing, websites, podcasting and webinars.

Infrastructure/Data Management Lead

The successful Infrastructure Lead develops and maintains data-oriented systems to meet internal and external needs. Duties include developing systems, standard operating procedures and policies for data management, assisting colleagues in performing infrastructure setup and data-related tasks both for internal teams and external partners. Supervise the implementation
and maintenance of OTS’ overall systems needs.

Fractional Integrator

The successful Fractional Integrator ensures that the entire business structure collaborates effectively and meets goals according to an overarching timeline and budget. Oversee the
administrative roles in the organization, direct and coach leaders, and manage communications channels while faithfully executing our business plan. Delegate production, marketing and sales tasks to core teams while maintaining relationships with business partners, vendors, and distributors.

Ready to Join Our Team?!.

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