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Leading, Managing, and Holding Accountable the Team YOU Need to Scale Your Business

We love supporting mission-driven leaders!

If you’re clear on your WHY and it compels you to get up everyday knowing what your offering impacts real people in ways that truly matter – you’re a mission-driven leader.

The Real Estate Syndicators we support are on a mission to defund Wall Street Casinos … offering Alternative Investment Opportunities … and helping put money back into Main Street to transform neighborhoods and communities on the street level.

The Content Creators we support are passionate about bringing real-world insights to individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and freedom-seekers so they can learn and take effective action towards their personal and financial goals.

The types of leaders we absolutely love working with have these traits in common:

  • Proven ability to sell
  • Loves building strategic relationships
  • Passionate about making deals happen
  • Committed to personal development
  • Has a growth mindset
  • Is willing to be accountable and trust the process
  • Hustles with us
If this resonates with you … and you’re ready to change more lives with us … we look forward to working with you.  To get started, book a call.

During your initial 3-Day Strategic Planning Session, we blueprint your entire business and create your next 90-Day Action Plan. And then every 12 weeks, we prepare a new 90-Day Action Plan during your 90-Day Review.

Within those planning sessions, together with you … Staci Gray and your OTS Operations Coordinator will outline the priorities and services you need to crush your BHAG and the next 90-days.


  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinars
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Podcasting
  • CRM Management
  • Investor Portal
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Success Coaching
  • Video Production
  • Document Management
  • Reporting
  • Calendar Management
  • Websites
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Lead Magnets
  • And MORE!
We look forward to helping you build a business you own that doesn’t own you.  To get started, book a call.

Getting properly set-up to scale requires a lot of strategic thinking, planning and execution.

We see entrepreneurs and business owners throw the wrong people at planning and process problems all the time.  That approach costs more, takes longer and is the death of momentum.  Just ask us how we know 😉   So, now … we don’t do that.

Our approach is simple …

We spend 3-Days in an intense Strategic Planning Session where we map out in great detail your entire business.


  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Short and Long Term Initiatives
  • Financial Goals
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Funnels
  • Mapping Your 6 – 10 Core Processes
  • Right People, Right Seats
  • Organization Chart
  • Everything that Needs to Be Done
  • Action Plan for Your First 90-Days
  • Plan to Handle “Shiny Penny Syndrome”
  • And MORE!

The output from this 3-Day Session is a blueprint for exactly how to run your business through a team.

Most leaders who come to us have been operating as a one-man band or with a skeleton crew.  That’s not scalable.

Your processes, systems, and operational disciplines must be top-notch in order to scale.  And that’s what we blueprint during this 3-day!

Then we execute relentlessly with accountability and 90-Day Reviews.

We look forward to helping you build a business you own that doesn’t own you.  To get started, book a call.

Scaling a business isn’t a set-it and forget it type of thing.  Some parts are, but not all.  It’s a balance of working in your business and working on your business.  Balancing your priorities, people, and cashflow.

The 3-Day Strategic Planning Session sets the foundation for growth.  Then we get to work … sales start happening, new opportunities emerge, infrastructure gets streamlined, the market may shift, and so on.

The 90-Day Review is designed to …

  • Evaluate the Results from the Previous 90-Days
  • What Worked and What Didn’t
  • Culture and Alignment of Values
  • People and Partners
  • Discuss and Resolve Major Issues
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Upcoming Trends and New Opportunities
  • Setting Priorities for the Next 90-Days

Building and scaling a business demands you stay focused, the team stays on track, we generate momentum and execute relentlesslyRunning a business 90-days at a time is the best way to do this.

We look forward to helping you build a business you own that doesn’t own you.  To get started, book a call.

Having built several multi-million dollar companies alongside mission-driven leaders … one of the biggest challenges is finding and keeping the right people.

It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to get the right people in the right seats.  Not to mention training them … leading, managing and holding them accountable as well.

All while you’re working to be the brand ambassador for your business … creating content, building relationships, marketing and selling your products and services, plus doing deals and more!

We solve this dilemma for you!

The Organize To Scale™ Team is your connection to all the right people you need on-demand.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get Matched based on your DISC Profile and Right People, Right Seats Assessment to ensure the most productive working relationship
  • Execute with Confidence because the OTS Team is pre-trained to work specifically with content creators and real estate syndicators
  • Everyday we hustle right along side you to produce results based on your 90-Day Priorities
  • Weekly 1:1 Meetings, Daily Emails and Texts to Stay Aligned and Remove Obstacles to Keep Projects moving forward
  • Plus, we have on speed-dial Advisors, Resources, Team and Experts to navigate the natural growing pains as we scale your business with you
We look forward to helping you build a business you own that doesn’t own you.  To get started, book a call.

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