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Jarrid Cavanaugh
Founder, Affinity Asset Group

“In the first 6 months of starting my syndication business I raised no money and had zero properties under contract. Four months after partnering with OTS, I’ve raised $2.1M with $5M in AUM and I have fully deployed systems and teams to grow even bigger in the next year! I can’t recommend OTS enough."

Jeremy Melancon
Founder, Capital Cashflow Partners

As our company started to attract new clients, our processes that worked well before started to constrain growth, so we turned to Staci for help. I would recommend Organize to Scale to any syndicator looking for a professional team to help them build a scalable, mission driven business.

Ben Dickey
Founder, BMD Invest

I think Organized to Scale – specifically their 3 day break out session – is one of the best business investments I have made to date. They have helped me clarify an implementation plan for parts of my business that used to stress me out. I would highly recommend anyone looking to grow their business or struggling with implementing a new idea to block time with Staci and her team! They are world class listeners who bring countless years of experience and principles to help you go faster!

Felecia Froe
Founder, Money With Mission

Prior to working with Organize To Scale™ a lot of my business was stuck in my head ... and now I've been able to move forward and execute. Staci helped me find my #1 person and now quick conversations with Yolanda I know what I want to get done will get done.

Yolanda K.

Staci's strong leadership is why so many successful entrepreneurs have chosen the OTS team to help them scale their business. We are an important piece of the puzzle in helping them get their business to the next level.

David Kafka
Founder, Caribbean Capital Group & REMAX 1st Choice Belize

Since I chose OTS, it has totally propelled my confidence and me getting my "shitaky" done ... (like Darren Hardy says). I'm consistently getting my content out. So, thank you for that!

Melissa B.
Melissa B.

Staci is a results driven leader and is such a joy to work with. I have been very impressed with how she organizes and provides guidance to her team with the client’s satisfaction always on the forefront.

Russell Gray
Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

It’s said most small businesses fail in the first five years. It’s not because they don’t have customers, sales or profits. It’s because they aren’t organized to scale. They grow until the owner is consumed and both fail. It’s tragic. I know because it’s happened to me. Staci’s concepts and teams create liberating, productive structure around my chaotic vision and drive. I can’t imagine being in business without Organize to Scale … and probably wouldn’t be. If you want to own your business instead of the other way around, OTS should be your first call.

Jessica C.

I love the OTS team! Everyone is so helpful and kind. Every day working with our clients is a new adventure and I look forward to each day, knowing it will look a little different than yesterday!

Stephanie Riley
CEO, Equity Strategies Team

Organize to Scale has a unique way of drawing your vision out and turning it into an executable game plan. Even more, Staci’s business savvy offers you practical ideas and tools to make your business bigger and better than you may have imagined on your own. I highly recommend the 3-day planning session if you’re serious about going beyond sales and actually owning a real business.