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Syndication Systems that Scale Priority Access Partner Add-On Registration

3-Day Intensive Workshop

November 17-19, 2023 
Virtual Event

You’ve been directed to this NON-PUBLIC registration page because you were smart enough to get on the Advance Notice List.
Now YOU can register BEFORE we open to the public … and enjoy the BIGGEST savings with the low Priority Access rates.


Standard Partner Add On Registration Rate – $1,997
Priority Access – $997

So here’s the deal … PLEASE pay attention so we can do this right.

There’s only ONE add-on partner deal per primary registrant.  So either you’re the primary and you’re registering your ONE partner … or YOU are the ONLY partner adding on to someone else’s (the PRIMARY) registration.  Make sense?

Because our computer can’t read minds … we need YOU to identify the PRIMARY you’re adding on to.

It’s EASY!  Simply provide the PRIMARY’s email address in the form field.

Now here’s a little secret … our computer is very trusting.  You could cheat, and register more than one person at this super low rate.  Our computer will happily take the order.  BUT … our registration team would NOT be happy … because that’s not the deal.

So PLEASE … only ONE add-on partner at this crazy low rate.  It’s NOT intended for strangers to hook-up to save a little money.  It’s to help make education more affordable for two life or business partners.

Yes, we realize you might have multiple partners.  But what you do in your personal life is none of our business.  😉  For purposes of this incredible deal … it’s ONE add-on partner per primary.  THANKS for your cooperation.

Now … let’s get this registration party started!

A couple of quick notes …

Seminar venue and hotel details will be provided after your registration.
Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until after we’ve confirmed your registration.


*** This page is only for adding ONE partner to an already processed Primary individual registration ***

If your Primary isn’t registered yet … click here to register as a TWO person partnership (same great rate!) …
or if you’re attending alone, click here to register individually.

If your Primary is already registered, then …


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