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Your online community offering interactive coaching, monthly sessions, and a tailored 100-day plan to streamline your business operations and drive growth


Gain invaluable insights and receive personalized guidance with interactive group coaching sessions led by seasoned experts.


Dive deep into game-changing sessions curated to enhance your leadership skills, business insight, and entrepreneurial mindset.


Share insights, celebrate wins and receive encouragement from others who understand the journey of entrepreneurship.


From business framework creation to operational optimization, we provide you with the roadmap and resources to turn your vision into reality.

Monthly Sessions Aimed to Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Monthly Momentum

Each month we will cover a range of topics essential for entrepreneurial success. From interactive coaching where you can get business advice on your challenges to monthly reflection sessions for guided check-ins, the Entrepreneurs That Scale™ community is here to support ambitious visionaries like yourself to ignite your potential and turn dreams into thriving businesses!

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Scale Your Vision.

Find Your Tribe.

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights?

Look no further!

Being part of a group of other entrepreneurs while building your business creates a powerful ecosystem of support, learning, and collaboration that can accelerate your success.

Our exclusive membership offers a dynamic blend of resources and support designed to propel you in your syndication business journey!

Attract Investors. Close Deals. Win Big.

The Ultimate Syndicator Starter Kit streamlines your operations, so you can secure funding and close deals faster with our expert toolkit.

Attract Top Investors

with a polished brand and compelling deal presentations.

Close Deals Faster

with a proven action plan and streamlined operations.

Minimize Legal Risk

with attorney-approved templates and consultations.

  Deal One-Pager
  15-Page Asset Specific Pitch Deck including Disclaimers
  5-Page Legally Compliant Website with Opt-In & Investor Questionnaire
  Attorney-Approved 6-Part Email Series to Intro Syndication Business and Upcoming Deals
  90-Minute 1:1 Legal Consultation with Mauricio Rauld
  90-Minute 1:1 Operations Audit with Staci Gray
  First 90-Day Action Plan (Playbooks & People to Raise Capital and Do Deals)
One-Pager Design
Highlight your deal
to potential investors.
15-Page Pitch Deck
Present your deals with confidence with our customized pitch deck. 
Website Design
Attract and capture investors with a beautiful website that converts.
6-Part Email Series
Build trust and nurture your investor leads with this automated marketing campaign specific to your brand.
1:1 Consultations
Expert guidance with personalized legal advice and optimized business operations. 
90-Day Action Plan
Get our first 90-Day Action plan, including playbooks and resources to help your build frameworks and succeed.

From Pitch Decks to Profits

Launch Your Syndication Empire

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Staci GrayStaci GrayStaci GrayStaci Gray

Staci Gray

Founder and CEO

I envision a world where mission-driven leaders are no longer trapped by operational chaos - instead they’re empowered to grow their businesses, fuel the economy, and impact real-people on a human level. That’s what we do … supporting entrepreneurs one business at a time.

Staci Gray

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