3-Day Virtual Intensive:

Syndication Systems that Scale

Starting and scaling a business is a lot of work!  Whether you’ve successfully built a business in the past or you’re just getting started, there’s a proven path to scale faster!  

This workshop will teach you how to build and scale your syndication business WITHOUT

Becoming a stranger to your family, losing your sanity, drowning in the details or getting trapped in the S-Quadrant!

“Staci’s concepts and teams create liberating, productive structure around my chaotic vision and drive.  I can’t imagine being in business without Organize to Scale … and probably wouldn’t be.  If you want to own your business instead of the other way around, OTS should be your first call.” – Russell Gray, Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show

You’ll Walk Away With …

Your Master Syndication Business Blueprint
Clarity on YOUR Sweet Spot and How to Stay In It
Your Defined Business Purpose and Values
Your 10-Yr Syndication Business Financial Goals
Everything That Needs to Be Done to HIT Your 10-Yr Target
The Proven Sales Funnel for Raising Capital
The 7 Core Process Maps for Running Day-To-Day Operations
How To Implement the Primary Operational Disciplines to Scale
Your Step-By-Step Priorities for the Next 90-Days

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Who Should Attend ...

Active or Aspiring Syndicators Who are 100% Committed to Raising Capital and Doing Deals
Syndicators Who Feel Trapped in the S-Quadrant and are Chomping at the Bit to Scale Faster and Get Your Time Back
Strong Sales People who Know with the Right Support They Could Knock it out of the Park
Mission-Driven Leaders Committed to Scaling a Syndication Business to Serve People on the Main Street Level

What Others Are Saying …

A Few Questions You May Have …

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Great question!

  • If you currently have the bare minimum or absolutely nothing in place in terms of people or processes for your syndication business, then the Individual or Partnership Bundle is the best option.  The bundle will walk you through best practices for architecting your syndication business and building the proven infrastructure you need to scale.
  • If you already have some processes in place and have some team members supporting you, but you’re questioning if it’s set-up properly or what might be missing, then select just the Individual or Partnership registration options. This will start the process of determining your current gaps and then we can determine what is needed next after the 3-Day.
  • If you still have questions about your unique situation and have already watched the Free Webinar, then please email Events@OrganizeToScale.com and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your specific situation.-
  • We will send you prep work to complete prior to the workshop.
  • Make sure you have handled all of your responsibilities and engagements outside of the training, so you can be fully present without distractions.

YES, there will be scheduled opportunities to ask questions and an open Q&A at the end!

Yes! Click here to register as a partnership. If you already registered and would like to add a partner, click here to register your partner add-on.

Staci GrayStaci GrayStaci GrayStaci Gray

Staci Gray

Founder and CEO

I envision a world where mission-driven leaders are no longer trapped by operational chaos - instead they’re empowered to grow their businesses, fuel the economy, and impact real-people on a human level. That’s what we do … supporting entrepreneurs one business at a time.

Staci Gray

To be sure YOU get Priority Access Registration ...

Have questions? Let’s jump on a Discovery Call to discuss!