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Micro-moments create Macro-moments…

If you’re finding yourself making strategic decisions about 2024, remember micro moments culminate in macro moments.

Here’s what that means …

You eat a cookie a day and eventually discover you have diabetes …

You workout everyday and eventually discover your jeans fit better.

In business …

You skip meetings regularly and eventually discover your systems are off track …

You follow through on planning sessions and eventually discover your team is in sync.

Micro-moments create macro-moments.

As we set our intentions for 2024, let’s not neglect the simple daily disciplines that will shape the entire year.

Put these 5 things on your calendar right now to win bigger in 2024!

  1. Strategic Planning Sessions
  2. 90-Day Reviews
  3. 90-Day Execution Game Plans
  4. Weekly Team Meetings
  5. Private Reflection Sessions

Every business transforms through 7 stages …

First, we envision a brighter future!

Second, we create an offering to facilitate that brighter future.

Third, we promote this brighter future and offering to our ideal audience.

Fourth, we stabilize day-to-day operations with proven workflows to fulfill on our promise.

Fifth, we reinforce our offerings and operations with processes and people to perform tactical execution.

Sixth, we transition ownership of day-to-day execution to the next tier of leaders.

Seventh, we integrate within ourselves the capacity to make operational decisions based on scorecards.

Building and scaling a business is hard work. And every single entrepreneur will inevitably hit a brick wall.

So, remember you don’t have to do it alone. Doing anything hard is so much more fun with ambitious people.


If you want to wake up at the end of 2024 ACHIEVING more while also BECOMING more, consider getting shit done with a tribe on the same mission …

Playing our way to success!

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Rooting for you and your business 2024! 

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Staci Gray has over two decades of experience organizing real-world businesses to scale. She puts an emphasis on quickly collapsing the gap between ideas and profits by persistently executing for progress and results. Staci envisions a world where innovative leaders are no longer trapped by operational chaos and instead are empowered to efficiently and effectively solve real-world problems, impact real-people on a human level and generate profits quickly. Staci loves coming alongside mission-driven leaders who are using their ideas, influence and intellect to build successful businesses and empowering them to scale without losing their sanity, compromising their values, sacrificing their relationships, and drowning in operational chaos. Supporting leaders one business at a time!