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The Playbooks Every Business Needs…

Ya ever had an idea you were so excited about?

Like that Christmas Eve feeling you had as a kid … anxiously waiting for the big reveal?!

We cannot survive in business long-term without systems. This is not opinion … this is reality.

Read e-MythTractionScaling Up and the list goes on.

Every successful business has duplicatable and repeatable ways of doing things. No matter the size one aspires to be.

Systems are simply playbooks for repeatable tasks. What happens when and by whom and how exactly is it done. That’s it … now go do it!

Just kidding … you’re probably like “yeah, but what playbooks do I need to create?! who does what?! how are things supposed to be done? can you give me a template playbook?”

Ahhh yes … the devil in the details. This is where most entrepreneurs and business owners struggle.


Because developing playbooks is not the fun and flashy activities in business but the down and dirty disciplines human nature seeks to avoid.

We can’t expunge human nature BUT we can help bring to light how to develop playbooks despite having human tendencies that sabotage our success.

  • Playbook for building your brand and network
    • Define your brand’s identity, values, and unique selling propositions.
    • Strategize your networking approach, identifying key players and platforms.
    • Establish guidelines for consistent brand representation across channels.
  • Playbook for growing and nurturing an audience
    • Develop content strategies for various platforms to engage and retain your audience.
    • Implement lead generation tactics to continuously expand your reach.
    • Create a customer journey map for personalized audience nurturing.
  • Playbook for attracting and converting customers
    • Outline your sales funnel, from lead acquisition to conversion.
    • Specify the roles and responsibilities within your sales team.
    • Implement a follow-up system to enhance customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Playbook for crafting and delivering your offering
    • Detail the production process, ensuring consistency and quality
    • Develop guidelines for product or service delivery, including customer communication
    • Implement feedback loops to continuously improve your offering
  • Playbook for building, aligning and developing your team and tribe
    • Define roles, responsibilities, and expectations for each team member.
    • Establish a culture code that aligns with your company values.
    • Implement regular training and development programs to foster team growth.
  • Playbook for managing cashflow and expanding your balance sheet
    • Create a financial management system, including budgeting and forecasting.
    • Set clear financial goals and key performance indicators.
    • Develop contingency plans for potential financial challenges.
  • Playbook for dreaming, planning, and consistently executing
    • Set long-term and short-term goals for your business.
    • Establish a strategic planning process, involving key stakeholders.
    • Implement project management tools to ensure consistent execution.

Just like in football, every team needs a playbook to win.

WITHOUT a playbook, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice would’ve been confused, executed different plays and lost game after game –
A-Players but losing due to a lack of structure. BUT, with the right playbook, the dynamic duo became NFL icons.

Your idea needs a playbook to win. If you’re not winning, it’s not because you’re not an A-player or a team of A-Players … it’s because A-Players need playbooks.

May we strongly encourage and urge you to create a winning playbook so that your business idea can serve more people and YOU can have more freedom.

We’ve done this very wrong with several businesses and very right with other’s. It’s never perfect and playbooks are iterative documents that evolve with new insights.

Developing playbooks is one of the first steps to buying back your time.

The core principle is to have a game plan, a playbook, and the courage to take imperfect action, delegate and improve as you go.

In the last 36 months, we’ve developed 36 playbooks for 36 different businesses …

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Staci Gray has over two decades of experience organizing real-world businesses to scale. She puts an emphasis on quickly collapsing the gap between ideas and profits by persistently executing for progress and results. Staci envisions a world where innovative leaders are no longer trapped by operational chaos and instead are empowered to efficiently and effectively solve real-world problems, impact real-people on a human level and generate profits quickly. Staci loves coming alongside mission-driven leaders who are using their ideas, influence and intellect to build successful businesses and empowering them to scale without losing their sanity, compromising their values, sacrificing their relationships, and drowning in operational chaos. Supporting leaders one business at a time!