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Facing Unpredictable Times: 3 Actions to Take Today

The feedback we’ve been hearing from aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs is that the economic climate has been throwing unpredictable curve balls left and right.

If you’re feeling the effects of a softer economy in your business and possibly even on your mentality and emotions … you’re not alone.

Navigating business and leadership right now is challenging … It’s testing our faith, resilience, and grit.

Today’s insights are short and sweet …

Often, when we’re feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or uncertain the journey to clarity and action is a drudge.

But, today is different for you and me …

Here are 3 Actions to Take Right Now!

  1. Choose a Victor Mentality over a Victim Mentality – Victim mentality creeps in EVEN to the best of us, especially when the blows of life are relentless.If you find yourself second-guessing your actions or undermining your decisions due to fear or external circumstances, I wish you the courage to face the brutal facts.Instead of asking why this is happening, ask HOW and WHAT questions so you can navigate reality and emerge stronger, wiser, and better prepared for the future.
  2. Focus on What You Can Control – When business and life are unpredictable, we can get trapped in obsessing about things outside of our control.I heard someone say once … when you don’t know what to work on; work on yourself.

    The best way to think and act during challenging times is to keep the systems that THINK and MAKE CHOICES in tip-top shape. That’s your body, mind, and emotions.If you’re reading this, I know you’re a high-achiever and understand that no matter what curve balls come your way – keeping your mind, emotions, physical health, and relationships ready for the challenge is key.Hit the gym, take a few deep breaths, read, journal, call a mentor … sometimes grinding harder is not the answer for 30 minutes today 🙂
  3. Build Positive Momentum – During challenging times, it’s easy to dream about better days tomorrow and miss the opportunity to enjoy the journey today.Stack some wins for yourself and your team as often as you can. And when it’s pressure-cooker times … the wins are little. Take those base hits and keep moving along.Remember, eat the elephant one bite at a time. Maybe your little win today is to make a list of 3 customers or investors to give some extra attention to this week.

Most everyone can win when they’re fresh, energized, and well-conditioned for the plot twists of business and life. It’s when we’re tired, confused, and uncertain that the champion in you emerges.

Stoke the hero flame in you because the world needs that special gift only you can offer.

Rooting for your success!


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