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April 2023

Visionaries are a rare breed of individuals who have the power to inspire, innovate and create a future that others can only dream of. With a bold vision and an unwavering spirit, they can inspire their team to greatness and drive innovation and growth like no other.

Visionaries are leaders, whether we want to accept the responsibility or not. In the hundreds of planning sessions we’ve performed with visionary entrepreneurs … A common thread is the struggle to lead well and the impact that struggle has on the business.

Have you ever met a successful entrepreneur who enjoyed losing?! I think not

Think about the last restaurant you visited, car you purchased, or the last time you needed an answer to a burning question. Chances are, you probably Googled it. Or asked ChatGPT ;-)

Entrepreneurship is a demanding journey. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running a business. Between meetings, emails, and other daily tasks, it can be difficult to prioritize and focus on the tasks that will move the needle for your business.